Cultural Events

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Cultural events of diverse genres make fun and memorable museum experience.

The Museum organizes a wide array of cultural events to instill a balanced view of contemporary history among children and youth, add to the cultural and historical significance of Gwanghwamun, and offer a wide accessible choices for learning contemporary Korean history.

Cultural Events on Wednesdays

The Museum offers cultural events on every second (or third) & last wednesday of each month. The events range from shows that deal with Korean contemporary history to fusion performances that bring together Korean traditional music with contemporary musical genres.

Commemorative Cultural Events

The Museum organizes cultural events to commemorate the March First Independence Movement, Gwangbokjeol (Liberation Day, Aug. 15), and other incidents of significance in Korean contemporary history. The events are a fun way to understand and experience Korean contemporary history.

Special/Feature Exhibition-linked Cultural Events

Related with special exhibitions, the Museum holds various cultural events to provide depth and breadth of the respective subject matters.