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Welcome to the National Museum of
Korean Contemporary History!

    The National Museum of Korean Contemporary History (MUCH) holds great historical and cultural significance as it celebrates and honors the diverse historical experiences of our people,who have shaped the birth and progress of the Republic of Korea

  • MUCH's core mission is to present objective facts and balanced interpretations, becoming a vibrant cultural hub where the Korean people can rise above past conflicts and wounds and come together through mutual understanding and coexistence. We also aim to delve into the multifaceted aspects of everyday life in Korea, highlighting the pivotal role played by the ordinary individuals who have shaped our history through exhibitions on diverse topics, including finance, health, energy, and disasters, that resonate with all Koreans.

    Furthermore, our vision for MUCH is to become a space cherished by all Koreans, conveying the narrative of Korea's modern and contemporary history in an engaging and accessible manner. To achieve this, we curate exhibition content that encourages visitor participation by incorporating cutting-edge technologies. We also foster collaborative partnerships with leading researchers, seamlessly blending popular appeal with expert knowledge to create a museum of unparalleled distinction.

  • MUCH serves as a reflective mirror of history, enlightening visitors about the remarkable journey of the Republic of Korea, our esteemed nation. It is also a place where international visitors can learn about and appreciate the exceptional accomplishments of a small, independent country that has achieved greatness.

    We remain committed to serving as an inclusive cultural sanctuary, warmly welcoming people to immerse themselves in the rich contemporary history of Korea.

    Thank you.

    Han Soo

    National Museum of Korean Contemporary History