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2022-Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Much


[영상 설명]

In 2022, the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History (MUCH) marks its 10th anniversary.

MUCH is a historical-cultural space sharing diverse experiences of the Korean people who led the birth and development of the Republic of Korea. We have been making great efforts for the traces of Koreans to be remembered and commemorated. We hope our museum will continue to serve as an open cultural space where anyone can always enjoy their visit. Thank you.

[영상 자막]

Now, we are about to watch a lively piece of drama, full of heart-throbbing moments. 

The stories of the past which shaped the way we live today are never far from us.

From the humble but dynamic beginnings to the prosperous present, many scenes of our lives are linked with each other.

On each stage of our history where all of us did our best to play our roles, there's no distinction between major and minor.

We have crafted every moment full of communication, sympathy, and understanding, and have never remained static.

Our ongoing history will continue, transcending generations and ideologies.

What we've shared for the last ten years, and for the next hundred years ahead of us, it is a vivid drama that the stories of 50 million Korean people created throughout history.